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For Alcubilla's clients, the environment matters

For Alcubilla's clients, the environment matters

Alcubilla is a Spanish olive tree company since six generations. 1990 they started their organic activity as pioneers in Spain. (Then it was just one certified company) In 1999, they founded their olive oil mill, Alcubilla 2000, where only organic olives were milled to preserve our organic concept.

In October 2008, Alcubilla’s managers released a proposal for having a procedure for calculating carbon footprint (CF) and labeling in their Luque Organic Olive Oil.

“We started the pilot project in 2009. The proposal called for a label that beard a numerical rating based on an estimate of CO2 emissions created during the life of our Luque Organic Olive Oil from olives harvest through production, distribution, and eventual disposal. As nowadays there are some other parameters involved with environment and industry activities and consumers are more and more worried about environment aspects, we have decided to certify all the process under an international and well recognized standard (EPD) that can be used by worldwide consumers with same original scheme.”

The International EPD System is the perfect tool to work with environmental data for Alcubilla, since they know and manage all the figures about their activity from olive groves until end product. The customers can obtain all the information during the processes included the lifecycle, and Alcubilla themselves get the possibility to act directly on those that are considered as “hot points”.

For Alcubillas client, the environment matters. When they started to measure their carbon footprint Alcubilla were happy for being able to transmit to their clients that Luque organic, their regular supplier, was involved with them in these matters.

"After this first step, as there are new environmental requirements and we are a proactive family company, they can check by themselves that we’re so worried about how we produce our Organic Olive Oil and we keep on working on this way.”

Alcubilla are concerned about humanity and industry activities, so they want to reduce their maximum impact  and get a better Luque Organic Olive Oil, from an environmental point of view and, of course, in terms of quality.

Improvements in processes, machines, facilities, new activities (as compost from pomace)  … will be released.

"Quality and enironment - our goals!"