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Machine-tools for drilling, boring or milling metal (expired 2018-01-25; being updated)

PCR information

This PCR has expired and is currently being updated. Please contact the PCR moderator to become involved in its development. Dates are preliminary.

This document provides Product Category Rules (PCR) for the assessment of the life-cycle environmental performance of UN CPC 44214 "Machine-tools for drilling, boring or milling metal" and the declaration of this performance by an EPD. More information about the product is available in Section 2.

This PCR document is publically available on www.environdec.com. The PCR document is a living document. If relevant changes in the LCA methodology or in the technology for the product category occur, the document will be revised and any changes will be published on the website.

Any comments to this PCR document may be given on the PCR Forum on www.environdec.com or directly to the PCR moderator during the period of validity. The PCR Moderator should initiate a revision process before the validity time expires to give due time for announcing and collecting comments.

EPDs shall be based on the latest version of the PCR, and refer to the version number and date of the PCR used. The production of new PCR versions does not affect the certification period of EPDs that are already published.

Detailed information

Expired This PCR has expired. Read more
Name: Machine-tools for drilling, boring or milling metal (expired 2018-01-25; being updated)
CPC Code(s):44214 Machine-tools for drilling, boring or milling metal
Approval date: 2012-01-25
Registration No: 2012:02
Valid until: 2018-01-25
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 2 (2013-)
Based on: Basic Module: Special-purpose machinery
Valid location(s): Global
Prepared by: N.C. Manufacturing, S.A. & CTME
PCR moderator(s): Eva Martínez Herrero  Fundación centro tecnológico de miranda de ebro (CTME)

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