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PCR Development

Phases of PCR development

PCR Development

As a part of the programme, the International EPD® System oversees and hosts development of Product Category Rules.

PCR development checklist

The Secretariat has developed a checklist for PCR development that may be used by PCR Moderators to guide them in the process to develop a PCR within the scope of the International EPD® System, and to serve as an archived document of the PCR development.

>> Download the checklist (Updated 2018-03-22)

PCR development in the International EPD® System shall be done with the intention of publishing and enabling publication of EPDs. The development shall be done in an internationally-accepted manner based on an open, transparent and participatory process either by:

  • companies and organisations in co-operation with other parties, such as trade associations and interest organisations,
  • institutions involving LCA/EPD experts in close cooperation with companies or trade associations and interest organisations, or by
  • single companies or organisations in case they have the necessary in-house competence or choose to engage outside LCA/EPD experts.

The overall management of the PCR development is the responsibility of the programme operator. The programme operator also maintains the copyright of the document to ensure that it is possible to publish, update when necessary and available to all companies to use to develop and register EPDs in the International EPD® System. Participants in PCR development are acknowledged in the document and on the website.

The preparation of a specific PCR is managed by a PCR moderator, an expert appointed by the programme operator. The PCR moderator should keep the programme operator updated of the PCR development status in order to keep the information on www.environdec.com correct, and in order to inform interested stakeholders.

Developing PCR is a procedure including a staged approach with the following elements:

  1. Initiation phase
  2. Preparation phase
  3. Consultation phase
  4. Approval and publication phase
  5. Updating phase

A description of the activities to undertake under each separate phase is given on this part of the website together with outlining the adminstrative work to be handled by the PCR moderator and the programme operator.

Detailed information about how to develop a PCR document in the International EPD® System is given in the General Programme Instructions.