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Use of the International EPD® System logotype

A special logotype has been developed to ensure a well-known identity of the International EPD® System to be used on all official printed materials and declarations connected to the system. This is a way of avoiding confusion with other types of product-related environmental labels and declarations.

EPD box

If used correctly, EPD® logotype can be used in connection with e.g. advertisement, on products and their packaging materials. It is also possible to add more explanatory supplementary information if needed. The EPD® logotype can be used in many ways for different market applications, for example:

  • On the declarations - the logotype with no additional information
  • On products and packaging materials - logotype together with the given registration number, the relevant CPC code and the address to the website (www.environdec.com) for more information.
  • On all types of information materials - if a company/organisation wants to use selected information from the EPD for various purposes they shall indicate that the data is taken from an EPD, use the logotype together with the given registration number, and the address to the website (www.environdec.com) for more information.
  • Supplementary information - if the company/organisation would like to include information about any of its management systems, either being a quality or environmental management system (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or EMAS), or other systems related to e.g. Supply Chain Management, Social Responsibility, ILO Conventions, Occupational Health and Safety, as long as they can be verified.

Environmental claims are under hard scrutiny to ensure that consumers are not misled. The ISO standards in the 14020-series gives guidance focusing on things like the correctness of information (not being misleading), using scientific methods, using the life cycle perspective, transparency and including all relevant environmental aspects.

The contents in the EPD® must be in line with the requirements and guidelines in ISO 14020.

The organization using the EPD-logotype is responsible for using it according to the requirements in ISO 14021, national legislation and best available practices in the markets in which it will be used.

The General Programme Instructions gives information on how the logotype shall and may be used. Special attention should be made so that use of the logotype does not give the impression that any valuation has been performed regarding the results, confusing it with a Type I environmental label.

The EPD® logotype and the acronym EPD® are registered trademarks within the European Union and use of them within the EU is therefore only allowed for certified EPDs within the International EPD® System.

The EPD®  logotype is available in the following formats:

Main logotype used for most purposes, for example on EPDs:


Main logotype with text "The International EPD® System":

Logotype in color

Inverted logotype, to be used when the background colour is dark:

Logotype in colour, negative

Small logotype:

Small logotype in color

Small logotype for use on products:

Small logotypes for use on products

The logotypes are also available in other file formats. Please contact the Secretariat for more information.