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EPD® Validity

An EPD is valid for a maximum period of time, which is declared in the EPD and on www.environdec.com. The maximum validity of an EPD is set for each product category in the PCR (normally 3 or 5 years).

During the validity period of the EPD, surveillance follow up shall be agreed between the EPD owner and the verifier in order to evaluate if the content are still consistent with the current situation. Regardless of the validity, the EPD shall be updated during the surveillance period if one of the environmental indicators has worsened for more than 10% compared with the data currently published.

The organisation can choose to let EPDs that have passed the date of validity to continue to be published on the EPD website. This might be relevant for products that are discontinued but still are available on the market or still in use. However, in such cases, the organisation is not allowed to use the non-valid EPDs in marketing. An exception may be granted by the programme operator, e.g. if the reference PCR is currently being updated. If the organisation wishes to have the EPD deregistered, the organisation shall inform the programme operator, see the General Programme Instructions.